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Accent On Windows is your premier destination for high-quality custom window treatments. We are committed to transforming your windows into stunning focal points that combine style, functionality, and durability.

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We Are Passionate About The Future In Beautiful Window Options

Motorization, smart shades, innovation, and legacy. Accent on Windows is ready to transition your home, no matter your style, with shades and interior fabric treatments. Perfectly balancing aesthetics and function with a large variety of time-honored legacy window shades, blinds, and shutters.

Whether you’ve long since considered modernizing your home, or are just getting started, our shades will integrate seamlessly.


Elevate your interior design with our window treatment services

At Accent on Windows, we bring comprehensive product knowledge and intuitive expertise into your home. We take the time to listen to what inspires you and collaborate with you to create window treatments that elevate your home and lifestyle.


Add a modern touch to your home! We offer seamless motorized solutions so you can effortlessly control your window treatments with a touch of a button.


With our premium window blinds, you can get the ideal combination of privacy and perfect light control. We have a wide variety of blinds, including Venetian and aluminum.


Improve privacy and regulate natural light with our selection of window shades. Whether you need stylish interior shades or outdoor screen shades, we’ve got you covered.


For timeless beauty and exceptional functionality, choose our shutters. We have options ranging from wood shutters and faux wood shutters to plantation shutters.

Home Automation

Add a modern touch to your home! We offer motorized solutions so you can effortlessly control your window treatments with a touch of a button.

Commercial Window Treatments

Let us transform your workspace with our commercial-grade window treatments. We have a wide range of materials, colors, patterns, and textures to suit any industry.

Drapery and Side Panels

Pillows to pleats! Our custom drapes are sure to elevate the look of your space. Select from our assortment of fabrics, patterns, and designs to create an inviting ambiance in any room.

Bedding and Re-Upholstery

At Accent On Windows, we go beyond window treatments. We do bedding and re-upholstery, too! Our team will breathe new life into your beloved furniture pieces.


We take pride in creating window treatments that are built to last.

We focus on every detail out of a commitment to quality work and client satisfaction. We want to exceed expectations by providing carefully created window treatments. Our goal stays the same whether we work with company owners, interior designers, or homeowners. In order to create surroundings that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, we are committed to going above and beyond expectations.

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Each window treatment is professionally installed by our team who has solid years of industry expertise and knowledge.

Pocket Friendly

We guarantee affordable rates without compromising the quality and craftsmanship of every window treatment solution we provide.

Custom-made products
Custom-Made Products

We install window coverings specifically designed for each client. Our team will work closely with you to understand your style preferences.


Our Customer Reviews

Tom massaro
I have worked with Susan for many years. She is a real perfectionist when it comes to her talent which is making drapery. Her desire is to make her customers happy and she will do anything in her power to make that happen. Almost every job that I have worked with her the customer is always so complimentary about the quality of her work. She goes the extra mile with the little things like washing your hands before handling the drapery and vacuuming any debris left behind on the floors. i’ve recently started working with George and he is so much of a perfectionist like her. They make a great team.
Donna Davis
Susan has done my draperies in two of my homes. Her work is outstanding. She takes pride in her work and offers great suggestions. Everyone who comes in asks who did my drapery work, it is so beautiful and blends in every room. I recommend her to all my friends. You will not be disappointed with using Susan, Accent on Windows!
Mo Pa
Suzana and George at Accent on Windows are the very BEST drapery workroom I have seen in my 35+ years in the industry. Suzana is very METICULOUS in her measurements and is EXCELLENT in her sewing. I do many complicated window treatments with very precise measurements and Suzana is able to fabricate them to PERFECTION. Their pricing is very fair for the quality of product they are producing. Most workrooms do not have the knowledge or skill that Accent on Windows possesses let alone most work from their garage. Working from the garage is not an issue but most of these workrooms are part-time and too small to get the treatments correct. Most workrooms measurements are not consistent or many times are incorrect. Most people in our industry don't know how to measure or fabricate correctly and use inferior products because they only want to sell the cheapest price. I GUARANTEE you that I am the pickiest person in the window treatment industry and I would not use anyone else for my drapery treatments. Suzana and George are the BEST window treatment drapery workroom in the industry let alone the Tampa Bay area. You can't go wrong with using Accent on Windows.
S. Demrovsky
IN REPLY TO THE ABOVE REVIEW: We apologize that our service did not satisfy your expectation. We set a high standard for ourselves and are truly sorry to hear that standard was not met in your interaction with our business.
Patricia Rees
I wasted my time and my money.....Susan Demrovsky was referred to me by the person who made slipcovers for a sofa and loveseat. I was wanting to have curtains made for my breakfast room area. After my consultation with Susan in my home I emailed a thought I had about the design. She responded by saying that I did not need her services for what I was proposing. I emailed her back explaining that I thought our meeting was the starting point for the drapery construction and that we would be able to tweak the design in the interval where I would be looking for a suitable fabric. A subsequent call with Susan revealed that she is "only a workroom" person and is accustomed to working with designers who bring her all the materials and all the trims and who also bring her the actual curtain design. She confessed that she is not a designer and was not able to help me with that. I offered to let her keep half the amount of her $95 visit fee which was to go toward the cost of the draperies once they were made, because I felt it was not right to charge me the full amount since she was terminating the agreement to make curtains, not me. She told me that she would send the whole amount back as she felt bad that there had been a miscommunication about her qualifications. I insisted that she keep half, but she let me know that was not how she operated and that she would be returning the full amount. I was quite surprised when I received a handwritten note from her today saying that after further consideration she had changed her mind and she was keeping the entire amount. Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else!!!

Explore Our Featured Projects

Our portfolio proves the degree of craftsmanship we offer to each project and our dedication to perfection. We approach every project with the same attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional results, whether it be a sleek and contemporary shade system, or stunning blinds and shutters.


Frequently Asked Questions

House automation, or smart home technology, refers to the use of advanced technologies to automate and control various household devices and systems, enhancing convenience, comfort, security, and energy efficiency in the home.

Shades are window treatments constructed from a single piece of fabric and can be raised or lowered to offer different options for light filtration. Blinds, on the other hand, are constructed of horizontal or vertical slats that may be adjusted to manage light and privacy.

The main difference between a smart home and home automation is that a smart home involves interconnected devices and systems that communicate with each other and the homeowner, creating a seamless living experience. Home automation, on the other hand, focuses on automating specific tasks and processes within a home, such as scheduling and remote control of devices.

White or light-colored blinds tend to make a room look bigger and more spacious.

In comparison to blinds, shades can range significantly in price. A basic roller shade may cost as little as $20 per window, although a motorized lift and high-quality fabric Roman shade might cost much more.

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